That one time in… Miami, solo dolo

Gente! Picture it: Miami 2010. I’d been to the pastel-colored hotspot a million times before and have been a million times since. OK, maybe not a million, but I’ve been too many times to count. Miami felt familiar, even old … Continued

That one time in… Capri

Gente! If you’re like me, you were minding your business this week, praying that the U.S. government has the wherewithal to endure the series of shenanigans being unleashed day after day by the 45th administration. I was just staying in … Continued

Gente Culture… Hip Hop is grown AF

Gente! If you know me at all, you know that I love hip hop. I didn’t love it from the beginning, though. I liked it, but I wasn’t obsessed. In junior high, I was more likely to listen to Z104, … Continued

Gente Style…but I’m a travel writer!

I’m a travel writer. I didn’t realize how true that statement is until I sat down to write this week’s blog. In the name of varying the content and inspiration we provide, I challenged myself to write a post centered on style. … Continued

That one time in… El Gouna

Gente! You want to know how to feel worldly? I mean cosmopolitan to the Nth degree? Go somewhere that you’ve never heard of with super-connected globetrotting friends. While my American friends were posing in Paris, Rome, Barcelona and some of … Continued

That one time in… Cape Coast

Gente! Back in December, I traveled with one of my friends – and a few strangers – to Ghana for Christmas and New Year’s. It was an eventful trip, revealing to me many things about travel companions, good (and bad) … Continued

That one time in… Paris & Marseille

By Kelly Richardson, Guest Blogger I’ve been traveling and creating unforgettable experiences abroad for a little over eight years now, but I’ve very deliberately avoided western, developed countries. I figured that they aren’t too different from the U.S. and I … Continued

That one time in… Accra

Gente! Earlier this year, my friend Erika and I made plans to travel to Ghana for the holidays. I’ve never been anywhere other than Virginia for Christmas. Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve can be spent anywhere in the world, but … Continued

That one time in… Kenya & Uganda

  By Kelly Richardson, Guest Blogger One of my earliest and most impactful trips was to Kenya (and Uganda, briefly) to spend time with my good friend Kadryn. Somehow, she endured two full, uninterrupted weeks with me. The older I … Continued