Frequently Asked Questions

Ticketing happens via the specific event’s web page, not on Because liabilities. (True story.) So here’s what you do: While on, click on the event you’re interested in. If you want to reserve your space by RSVPing or purchasing a ticket, click on the link labeled “Website”. That will take you to the event’s web page, where you will be able to purchase tickets, RSVP, etc. Easy breezy.

Woot woot! More events mean more epicness! Just click on the Submit an event link and submit away!!! Just make sure of the following:

  • Your details are written in English (even if your destination ticketing web page is in a different language).
  • You upload a high-quality image that won’t pixelate to be damned when enlarged.
  • Your event is gente-worthy. No wackness allowed.

If you have more than 10 events to submit at once and would like to send us a spreadsheet with all the details instead, please visit the Contact Us page to give us the low down and we’ll make arrangements for a mass upload, if possible.

Please note that all event submissions are subject to approval based on our discretion.

Global Gente is not a licensed travel agency, so we don’t book travel. That is not our ministry. We just make your trip EPIC once you get there! Here is info on our favorite travel provider(s) that we leverage personally:

  • NV Adventure – Owner Nesha Harrell plans all of our travel to the Caribbean, which is NV Adventure’s specialty (along with Mexico, Cruises, Destination Weddings and Traveling Abroad). Visit their website at or contact Nesha directly at

We highly recommend them!

Currently, we don’t offer the ability to save events; however, that functionality is in the works for your convenience. (Patience, grasshopper!) In the meantime, please bookmark the page of the specific event so you can reference it in the future. Happy planning!

That sucks! Global Gente is not the merchant for any events. Please consult with the merchant or venue from whom the tickets were purchased for guidance on refunds or other changes.

Global Gente events are listed at a point in time. We are not always informed of changes – although we try super-hard to stay in the loop. Please refer to the event’s web page as the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Oh brave one! We love to feature guest bloggers! Visit the Contact Us page and submit your blog idea. We’ll arrange for you to submit your write-up from there, complete with original photos, por favor.

That said, we reserve the right to edit your blog (with your permission, of course) or decline publishing it altogether. So bring the funny and let us see what you got, player!

Uh oh. You must have a difficult question. No worries; we can handle it! Please visit the Contact Us page and submit your question. We will respond within 48 hours.