Global Gente – pronounced JEN-chee – helps young, urban travelers find amazing, hip experiences the world over. Designed for travelers who love to discover the soul of the world’s great cities, we bring together local nightlife and entertainment experiences from trusted partners and venues, allowing you to skip the research and just have fun.

In major destinations around the world, Global Gente offers you:

  • Curated current events, openings, parties and live entertainment
  • Guides to major happenings to inform where and when to travel
  • Inspirational travel stories to help fuel your journey

We don’t just show you where the locals go. We help you find the cool kids. People like you. Gente.


To paraphrase Jay-Z, we do this for the culture.

But what does gente mean, anyway?

Gente is a Portuguese word, although it appears in most Latin languages with varying pronunciations. Literally, it means people. But in context, it’s very familial. It really means my people. My crew. My tribe.

Wherever you are in the world, we hope you’re surrounded by gente. Those who make you feel at home and accepted. And we want to help make sure of that by helping you discover where they’re hanging out and turning up and celebrating life.